Dehray Self Priming Sewage Pump


Dehray Self Priming Sewage Pump

Product Features & Benefits

- Reliability

Our technology absolutely sets the standard for reliability. That's precisely why many working professionals greatly prefer DEHRAY's equipment. There's virtually no downtime and they last longer than you can even imagine.
Thicker paint treatments stand the wear and tear in extreme environmental conditions.

- Fuel efficient and quiet 
The fact that our engines are exceptionally fuel efficient and quiet are two more attributes. On the job site, this means a lot.

- Protective framework
Solid framework design greatly reduces vibration. Antiseptic paint on the surface of water pump increases rust-proofing performance.

- Light weight
Special alloy frame construction obviously reduces total weight for easy operation.

- Easy to start
DEHRAY is also easy to start and easy to use. Our sewage pump engines are perfectly matched and DEHRAY engineered for quality and precision.

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